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7 Useful Tips for Your Ads on Boatshop24

Looking to get as many leads as possible for your ads on Boatshop24? Read our 7 quick and easy steps to maximise your results!


1) Add As Many High-Resolution Images and Videos As You Can!

Make an excellent first impression by uploading as many high-resolution pictures of your boat as you can. Did you know that ads with 4 or more photos receive up to 8 times more enquiries? Ensure you take pictures of your boat from multiple angles, including the interior and if you want to encourage even more potential buyers to enquire, try and add a short video tour of your boat too, to really show off its best features.


2) Translate Your Ad Description into Another Language

Our website is available in 16 different languages which means that people who want to buy a boat can view your ads from all over the world. Looking to reach an international audience? then ensure that you translate your ad! We translate everything on our site automatically however the ad description does not translate as this is written by YOU. We recommend to always have your ad description in both your language and English. You can simply add your translation beneath your text in the “description field” and that way you can tap into a wider audience.


3) Put As Many Details As Possible

If you want your ad to look professional and to receive more customer enquiries, add as many details as possible.

Did you know that ad descriptions with more than 500 characters receive more leads? For many people, buying a boat is a big investment that takes a lot of consideration and therefore Boat buyers will always be looking to gather as much information as possible. An extensive description helps the potential buyer to make a more informed decision whether to enquire and when it comes to boat ads less is certainly not more, as brief descriptions can often look more suspicious. Don't forget to include those all important details such as equipment, insurance, transport or condition. This type of information can be a real deal breaker.

As another small tip, ensure that the content you place on our site is unique from other websites that your ad may be placed on. This will give your ad a better chance of appearing in Google's search results.


4) Be Consistent With Your Words and Characters

Use exactly the same terms (incl. space characters and word order) for:

- Your ad title (taken from your chosen category and the entered model name)

-Title of your photos (it must be the same as the ad title. If you hover your mouse over the picture you can see the name of the photo.)

We also recommend using the same terms in your title throughout your ad description. Your ad is more likely to appear higher in search results if the relevant search terms (make, model etc.) are consistent throughout your description.


5) Set a Reasonable Price

Boat traders want to sell their boat at the highest possible price. However, your price might be too high which makes it difficult to sell your boat quickly. The boat market is currently stable and showing big signs of improvement over the last few years, however this does not apply to all countries. If your boat has been on the market for a long time, a small change to the price can sometimes make a big difference. We also recommend to compare the price of boats that are similar to yours. Take a look at our useful tool on our sister website here, to find out how much your boat is worth!


7) Upgrade Your Ad

You can always upgrade your ad to make sure that your ads receive a much higher exposure. Premium and Platinum packages lead to the highest response with 13 leads per ad on average. Upgrade your ad now.


8) Check Your Spam Folder and Contact Details

As simple as it sounds, even small mistakes in your contact details can lead to missing enquiries. Is your inbox full? Did you check the spam folder? We recommend to add [email protected] to your directory so that you can reply to e-mail enquiries immediately and no potential lead enquiry will be sorted in your spam folder.


Our team removes daily scam ads, so that there are almost no scam ads on our platform. However, we always recommend to read our security note. Do you have questions regarding your advertisements or upgrades? Simply indicate your ad reference number or invoice number and our team is ready to help you.

Receive more advice on selling your boat here.