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Bill of sale for a boat transaction

If you're selling your boat then it's important that you follow all of the legal steps correctly to ensure that you're doing nothing that's against the law. Once you've got your boat looking good and shown it to some potential buyers, you'll no doubt generate interest. 
When it comes to selling your boat, you may wish to read this article that we've written explaining how you can avoid scams when selling your vessel. We also have provided you with plenty of information on how to prepare your boat for sale. 
Anyway, that’s not why we're here today. This piece of information is to tell you about the bill of sale. 
What is the bill of sale?

The writing of a bill of sale is for the transfer of ownership of your boat and is an important legal step in the sale. This document shows that the transaction has taken place between the buyer and the seller and it also acts as proof of ownership.
A formal bill of sale must be put together as it basically functions as the sales receipt for the boat. The bill will be legal proof of ownership and is required if the new owner wishes to obtain a title or insure the vessel. 
Examples of a bill of sale

There are hundreds of examples online of different ways in which you can lay out your bill of sale. However, they will all contain the same information. Here are a couple of examples of bills of sale, as brought to you by the RYA and the Department of Transport - two pretty reliable sources ay?
RYA bill of sale - click here for downloadable version

Department of Transport bill of sale - click here for downloadable version