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When is the best time to sell my boat and receive most enquiries?

Here at Boatshop24.com we analysed all of our relevant data, and from the results have determined the best months of the year, the best days of the week and even the best time of each day to place your ad on our site and receive the most enquiries. Find out when an upgrade of your advertisements and the usage of the boost tool is most effective, by reading about our findings below.


clockWeekdays and Time

Our data analysis revealed that Mondays and Sundays attract most visitors on Boatshop24.com. In addition, most people are looking for boats and yachts at 8pm. Therefore, we recommend to use the Boost tool in the evening, preferably at 20:00 GMT. By using our mobile app you can easily and quickly boost your ads from home or from any other place. You can download our app in the Android-Store or iPhone app store. Simply search for Boatshop24, download and install the app within a few minutes. You can easily and quickly place or upgrade an ad from everywhere.


jump off boatMonths

Summer is our peak season, while August attracted most visitors last year. The weather has an influence on traffic to the site, for example, during months with high temperatures most people are searching for boats and yachts leading to the most enquiries on ads. This doesn’t mean however, that you should only place your ads during warmer months, as thousands of people interested in buying a boat visit our site during the whole year.


ocean sailing

Image from www.Yacht-Rent.com


Bank Holidays

During bank holidays a lot of people are looking for boats, yachts and boating equipment. However, as expected, Christmas and New Years Eve is the lowest point for boat sales as many people are enjoying their holidays with their family at this time.


boatshop infographic


Is it 8pm on Monday or Sunday? Don’t wait too long to get your ad noticed!