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Video: MiniCat 420 Evoque and MiniCat 310 Sport at LBS 2014

Minicat UK enjoyed a busy London Boat Show in January 2014, with much interest around the special edition 420 Evoque, as seen in this www.boatshop24.com video.
This is the top-of-the-range model of the MiniCat 420 range, launched at the end of 2013. MiniCat offer unique sailing boats - catamarans with inflatable floats. 
The 420 Evoque is a high-tech limited edition 4-person inflatable boat, that boasts a carbon fibre rudder and parts, a matt finish of the frame and mast, new design of the sail and jib, and eye-catching embroidery details on the trampoline. It's marketed as being a more stylish, funky version of the 420 Emotion the 420 Evoque models. 
Frame and deck of the MiniCat 420: 
The MiniCat 420 frame, to which the floats attach, consists of rigid, transparent polyester sections on a light-weight aluminium frame.
The trampoline is produced from high strength woven plastic fabric. The frame parts are powder coated. 
The frame is attached to the floats by means of welded-on 'flags', which are inserted into the pockets on the floats.
Sale specifications of the MiniCat 420: 
The MiniCat 420 is equipped with a main sail and the Instinct, Emotion and Evoque versions with a jib. The total area of the sails is 9.7 sq m (main sail 6.5 sqm, jib 3.2 sqm). The material 'Dimension Polyant' is used with a surface density of 175 - 240 g/m. Both the main sail and the jib have transparent windows to ensure better visibility and security while sailing.
Price at time of writing: £4,950 including VAT (20%) and delivery 
MiniCat 310
This inflatable two-person catamaran – a three meter multihull - offers fast action on the water and a lot of fun without the usual high cost and storage issues of boat ownership. 
“The idea behind MiniCat boats is that they compress down into a bag,” says the MiniCat expert at the London Boat Show 2014. “It’s a one-bag system that weighs just 37 kilos.” 
The MiniCat 310 takes 30 minutes to assemble, and 20 minutes to put away. Packed up, the MiniCat looks like a large rucksack and easily fits into the boot of a car. 
The MiniCat 310 Sport featured here is the top-of-the-range model, costing around £3,600 including VAT. 
  • Aluminium Mast - black powder coated
  • Main Sail 3.75 m²
  • Rudder - Fibreglass
  • Jib - 1.40 m²
  • Jib Furler (Rolfolk)
  • Grey Floats
  • Off-white Trampoline
  • White / chosen colour Sail
  • Chosen colour Jib