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Introducing the Kormaran: Monohull, Catamaran, Trimaran and Hydrofoil in One Vessel

Austrian based Kormaran claim they have not just developed a new boat, they have developed a new boat class.
Featuring hydraulically operated hulls, the new Kormaran boat can effortlessly transform itself whilst in motion from monohull to catamaran, trimaran and hydrofoil. When stationary, the nose of the boat can even fully open up into Bathingmode, creating a large flat teak deck for sunbathing and diving. Described as the company’s “contribution to ocean enhancement”, the Kormaran is one of the most innovative and multi-purpose vessels ever created. 
The multifaceted boat finds its transformational abilities from its unique kinetic outrigger hulls. In monohull mode, the outrigger hulls are folded neatly inside the central hull. When the hydraulic arms are activated electronically, the folded hulls extend outward, pushing the main body upwards off the surface of the water and thus creating a catarmaran. The main body can also be lowered onto the water’s surface, allowing the Kormaran to transform into its trimaran mode. Perhaps most impressively, the vessel’s Flightmode deploys a pair of hydro-foils, raising its monohull character out above the water, cutting water resistance by up to 80%, providing a stable, fast and fuel efficient journey.
View the Kormaran’s full specification below.
Length overall (LOA): 7.000 mm
Length waterline (LWL): 5.500 mm
Draught (normal / hydrofoils): 275 / 1.400 mm
Width (monohull / catamaran / trimaran): 1.515 / 2.735 / 3.515 mm
Weight: 1.500 kg
Power package: 500 PS / 3 x jet propulsion
Maximum speed: 70 km/h / 44 mph / 38 kn
Operating distance at max. speed: 200 km / 108 sm
Transformation: Hydraulic / Electronic
Tank capacity: 3 x 30 l
Structural parts: Carbon fibre
Doors: Wing doors
Leather: Boxmark Xtreme
Teak deck: Teak, black joints
Currently the boat is still a prototype, but has allegedly received an investment of around €10 million following its world debut in June. The Kormaran will also be on display at the Monaco Yacht Show this week and production dates and price estimates are eagerly anticipated. Visit the Kormaran website here.
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Image Credits: Kormaran

Article by Jack Bartrop