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Take a Look at the Yacht of the Future - the World's First Solar-Powered Yacht

Irresistibly sexy and completely emission-free - this is the yacht of tomorrow. The Solarwave 62 is the VERY FIRST yacht to run entirely on the sun's rays.

Ned Ship and Solarwave have spent seven long years, perfecting and detailing the designs for this impressive yacht. Their architecture allows the owner to catch the sun at all angles whilst bathing on the deck. Or if you’d rather relax in the shade instead, you’ve got the choice of up to five cabins where you can chill out in any way you’d like. It’s economical design makes it first choice for long trips or just a short cruising session. You won’t even have to worry about fuel consumption - this yacht runs off solar powered panels, so it’s completely emission-free. If you can afford its £1.85 million price tag, this is without a doubt the boat of the future!


What makes the yacht even more sexy?

  • You don’t only save maintenance expenses but also maintenance work

  • You don’t have to pay for propulsion or household

  • If you prefer to travel quitely, this is the yacht for you

  • Although you don't hear much noise, the yacht can still reach high speeds

  • A very safe and reliable yacht

  • The solar panels produce so much power each day that you don’t have to bother about propulsion. Long journeys are no problem at all!


Why is the hybrid so efficient and does not need a lot of energy?

  • Its materials make it both durable and lightweight

  • Designed with many electronic, adaptable features

  • The shape and structure of the boat is designed to pick up propulsion assistance from the waves and the wind

  • Construction in carbon-composite with epoxy-infusion

  • The yachts hull shape has been fully optimized using a towing tank to test its efficiency

  • CNC-milling of the moulds


Take a look for yourself!


Solarwave SW62 - sideways bow

© Solar Wave Yachts

Solarwave SW62 - sideways stern

© Solar Wave Yachts


Watch how hybrid solarwave yachts use solar rays to create power



Solarwave SW62 - GAs and sideviews

© Solar Wave Yachts

Solarwave SW62 - GAs

© Solar Wave Yachts

If you want to find out more, visit www.solarwave-yachts.com. In case you don’t want to wait for the first solar-powered yacht, browse our finest selection of boats and yachts here:




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