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The First Motor Yacht of Mercedes Benz

Have a peek at the very first motor yacht of Mercedes Benz. Only 10 yachts were prodcued and you can buy the Arrow 460 Granturismo Edition 1 for 1.5 million €.

Exceptional, sleek design combined with speed, power and elegance - this is the new motor yacht from Mercedes Benz and Silver Arrows. The yacht is environmentally friendly, efficient and innovative. The 14 meter yacht was seen during a test run at the French coast in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

It's incredible good looks make the boat look seamless, as if the the entire model is expertly moulded from a single piece. The first design feature that makes the Arrow 460 stand out, is its ability to be opened up almost entirely, so that you can feel exposed to the ocean, whilst sitting in luxury. Side windows glazed with polarized, smart glass technology can slide down just like a car, so that you can feel like you're sitting in the racecar of the ocean, with a sea breeze surrounding you. The Pergola roof can open and extend with hydraulic powering - so you can be both inside, and outside, all at the same time. 

The hull of the boat is cut so sharply that it slices straight through wind and water, allowing you to move faster with less effort and greater appearance. The inside of the yacht is open plan, allowing sunlight to touch all corners of the interior. No rooms and walls make it feel extremely spacious and wooden floor finishings with leather seating, make you feel as though your at home in a luxury living room. It's not only a living room, though. A table can retract from the far side, creating space as a dining area. Or, a bed can slide out of the same wall, menaing this living space is 3-in-1 without the clutter. 

At the rear, an extending platform can actually make the boat longer; give it more space. That means you can relax in full exposure to the warmth and sun, whilst others can relax in comfort inside. This is extremely handy for a yacht can accomodate 10 passengers. 

Its speed is impressive. It can happily cruise at 28 knots, meaning you can whip through the ocean whilst barely noticing that you're on the move. Its maximum speed is 38 knots, so if you prefer a real thrill ride you can utilise its ferocious Yanmar injection engines. 

The 'Silver Star of the Seas' is the very first yacht from the German business Mercedes Benz and the first plans of the project were revealed during the Monaco Yacht Show in 2012. The designers were inspired by Mercedes Benz racing cars from the 1930s. The motor yacht looks very similar to a sports car from the side. 


There are already negotiations with potential buyers. The business will make a decision on a first come, first serve basis. Better be quick!

Further information on: www.silverarrowsmarine.com

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