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This crazy boat looks like it’s sinking - but it’s actually perfectly stable!

Seeing a sinking boat is certainly nothing anyone would smile about - in fact the sight of a boat plunging bow first into the open ocean would usually be a very worrying, shocking thing to witness for a passer-by. But not always. There’s one exception that’s completely normal in fact. The impressive boat pictured here was born to sink; all as part of one artist's extraordinary portfolio.


Love Love is a masted sailing yacht that appears to cruise on the water whilst being nearly submerged. Julien Berthier is a 43-year-old French man with a passion for an eye-catching phenomenon that encourages people to think. He created the 6 and a half meter puzzle just over 10 years ago, and it’s still confusing people to this day.

It’s definitely not the most spacious watercraft around as there’s barely space for more than one person, but what it lacks in comfort it sure does make up for it with appearance. There’s still enough space inside to sit happily enough and store a few belongings - that’s after mounting the tiny ladder at the front of the entrance to the ship.

It actually moves very competently too, so long as you’re on calm water. Berthier has been seen cruising around on his ‘half-ship’ at a very smooth pace.


As with any piece of art, ‘Love Love’ is designed to provoke discussion, debate and thought. There’s been much controversy about its metaphorical representation, but Berthier himself has said that it represents the struggles that everyone faces during their lifetime, particularly death and loss. Perhaps he’s trying to say that even when your ship appears to be sinking, you can always carry on, keep on moving and never give up.


love love being lifted

We’ve seen some peculiar boats crop up about the place now and again, but this one is definitely top of the list to date. It’s such a unique concept that hasn’t been recreated anywhere else, which is what makes the boat so truly impressive. We’d love to see more astonishing designs like this to post in the future, so please send in any you may have seen to our facebook page.