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Watch: Turn your bike into a boat with this impressive new riding kit

If you’re used to travelling everywhere by car, you’ll understand how many basic routes across the world are obstructed by water. Sometimes, there’s no other choice but to go all the way around the edge. How much easier would it be if you could just whizz straight across the top? An Italian invention has made it possible to do exactly that with their new product,  the Shuttle Bike.


The Shuttle Bike is actually a pretty simple invention; two very buoyant pontoon floats either side of a sturdy frame, a steerable rudder and a propulsion unit. You’re able to complete its assembly by following a step-by-step demonstration video launched by the company itself, so you can be confident that you’re learning from the experts. You can even pump up the pontoons using nothing but pedal power, saving lots of time and removing unnecessary equipment. Once everything’s in order, you can pedal away at a decent speed, on just about any body of water you can find. What’s more, you can get the Shuttle Bike for a serious amount cheaper than any boat, making being on the water affordable for everyone.


shuttle bike mountain bike compatibility


The SBK company is run by three Italian men - Gabriele, Dario and Riccardo - who have all put a lot of hard work into making the dream of this brand become a reality. Years of testing and planning have gone into the final product, so you can assure yourself that the Shuttle Bike is very high quality.

You can buy the product directly from the on-site store, where you can choose from 6 different model variations, as well as conversion kits for all bikes and accessories and spare parts too. If you don’t want to commit to buying straight away then there are plenty of rental points all across mainland Europe where you can try the kit out and have some fun.


You can check out some real-life footage of the Shuttle Bike in action below here:



We love this invention and it could well be the simple solution to ‘taking the shortcut’ that we’ve searched so long for! We recommend everyone to go out and give it a try for themselves.